Inspiration comes from the things with which I surround myself.

I like every image to tell a story, no matter the theme.

It can’t feel stagnant.

I try to find subjects which share an emotion or a texturing and layering deep within lights and shadows.  

When I'm done with an image, I want it to look like I could hang it as a huge statement art piece.

This should include regular portraits.

Why have a cookie cutter image, when you can be you're own literary magazine book cover?!


KCBG Photography's style is:

Find the extraordinary within the ordinary. In that space, is where my photographic style resides.

Hold On

Riddled With Arrows, #4.1 "Message in a Bottle" the Pandemic Issue


The Muse, Issue 12, Winter 2020

Part of Me

Mermaids Monthly, Feb. 2021

Macro Magazine Spring, 2021

Macro Magazine, Spring 2021, Vol #4

Alcatraz Stairwell

Published in Credo Espoir, 2019

Spanish Rider

Cover of Gigantic Sequins

Masked and Shocked

Art in the Time of Covid-19 #1 on Amazon for new Poetry publication 2020


For "A Caged Mind" by May Mutter


For "A Caged Mind by May Mutter


Literary Hatchet #28, Pear Tree Press


For "A Caged Mind" by May Mutter

Marielle shoot

For West End Music Academy - Violin Teacher Headshot

Marielle shoot

Max Modelling Agency, Toronto

The Apple

Vine Leaves Literary Journal print image - page 36

Catania Play Time

Play Time


Jennifer Volunteers


For "A Caged Mind" by May Mutter


White Knight

Big Red

He simply wants affection.

Day of Rest

San Francisco Priest, Alcatraz in background

Lesson Time

Lesson time with Sally

Prom Memories

Prom Memories

Folding the Flag for Prince Philip

Folding the Royal Flag for Prince Philip



Queens' Royal Guard

The simply regal Royal Guard.

Chateau Laurier

Chateau Laurier, Ottawa


Rearing Horses, Vienna


Cover shoot

Wisteria by Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier

Wisteria Scarf designed by KCBG Photography

KCBG Photography