We spend many waking hours waiting. Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier wanted to capture the waiting moments, whether they were waiting for an appointment, the bus, for our name to be called, or for that special person to finally dance with us. 

Some of the portraits by KCBG Photography are stoic on purpose. We try to avoid showing emotion while we wait. You know you do! Other images show humour or anticipation. The emptiness of thought, which often occurs during the helpless timeframe, compelled me to find something endearing during those waiting moments.

"Waiting for the Buswas featured in Gutters and Alleyways - a Perspective on Poverty and Struggle by Lucid Moose Press. "Are You Coming?" was published in Scotland's Dactyl. And the featured image "Waiting" was adapted for Five 2 One: An Art and Literary Journal #20 for the KCBG Photography visual art image entitled "Waiting Room".

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